The Satellite Fairs of Miami Art Week 2023: A Complete Guide

The Satellite Fairs of Miami Art Week 2023 A Complete Guide


Miami Art Week 2023 is not just about the main event; it’s a sprawling ecosystem of satellite fairs that amplify the city’s status as an international art hub. In this exploration, we delve into the satellite fairs that orbit around the flagship Art Basel Miami Beach, each contributing its unique flavor to the artistic feast.


Miami Art Week 2023: Overview

This year, the vibrant Basel Art Week 2023 will take place from December 5 to December 10 with several fairs to delight art lovers. This exhilarating six-day event will pulsate with the energy of creativity, featuring a diverse array of exhibitions, installations, and cultural experiences.

From the internationally acclaimed Art Basel fair at the Miami Beach Convention Center to satellite fairs, gallery showcases, and dynamic street art, Basel Art Week in Miami promises to be a dynamic convergence of artistic expression. With each day offering a new dimension to the cultural landscape, this event invites attendees to immerse themselves in the richness of contemporary art against the backdrop of Miami’s eclectic and cosmopolitan atmosphere.


Miami Art Week Satellite Fairs: Contemporary Visions

The satellite fairs unveil a panorama of contemporary art that extends beyond the confines of the main event. From avant-garde installations to emerging artists pushing the boundaries of creativity, these fairs showcases the dynamic spirit of Miami’s art scene. Nestled within the city’s vibrant neighborhoods, these satellite fairs offer a unique lens into the evolution of contemporary art, providing art enthusiasts with a rich tapestry of experiences that redefine the traditional art fair landscape.

Explore the forefront of artistic expression, where every booth is a canvas and every piece tells a story of innovation and imagination.


Top Satellite Fairs of Miami Art Week


1.AfriKin Art Fair – December 3-10 (VIP Opening December 3)

AfriKin Art Fair is a dynamic fusion of art and culture that spotlights the creativity emanating from Africa and its interconnected communities. The non-profit fair brings together international contemporary artists who celebrate diversity.


2. CHROMA – December 5-19 (Opening Reception December 5)

Discover the grand inauguration of CHROMA during its opening reception, featuring the revelation of contemporary artworks. Delight in the unveiling of modern creations, including fiber art and intricate sculptures meticulously crafted by 15 emerging and mid-career artists.


3. Satellite Art Show – December 5-9 (VIP Preview December 5)

Take a leisurely walk along South Beach’s Lincoln Road during the Satellite Art Show, where you can immerse yourself in interactive installations, experience diverse mixed-media presentations, and witness one-of-a-kind performances that celebrate the evolving future of art.


4. NADA Miami – December 5-9

The New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA) Miami fair distinguishes itself by focusing on the work of emerging artists and galleries. Experience this 21st edition of NADA, held at Ice Palace Studios, where emerging artists will reveal the next chapter of creative expression.


5. Art Miami – December 5-10 (VIP Preview December 5)

With a rich history spanning 33 years of curating art exhibitions, Art Miami stands as the longest-running contemporary art fair in Miami, providing an iconic waterfront encounter. Immerse yourself in a curated collection featuring masterpieces from the 20th and 21st centuries, presented by prestigious art galleries.


6. CONTEXT Art Miami – December 5-10 (VIP Preview December 5)

CONTEXT Art Miami, a presentation of Art Miami, highlights the world’s most innovative contemporary artworks from cutting-edge artists, spanning curated projects to solo performances by individual artists.


7. Design Miami – December 5-10 (VIP Preview December 5)

Contemplate the profound impact of design on our ever-evolving world, personal identities, and cultural heritages at Design Miami/. Immerse yourself in a collection that intertwines historic and contemporary artwork, showcasing the transformative influence of design.


8. Faena Art – December 5-10

The non-profit organization Faena Art meticulously curates monumental artworks that transcend the boundaries between conventional and experimental artistic expressions, embracing a cross-disciplinary approach.


9. Prizm Art Fair – December 5-10

Explore the world of Prizm Art Fair, where you can dive into the offerings of almost 100 international art galleries and experience the work of innovative contemporary artists hailing from Africa and its diaspora.


10. SCOPE Miami Beach – December 5-10

Embark on a visual odyssey along Ocean Drive at SCOPE Miami Beach, where you’ll encounter more than 130 contemporary galleries showcasing large-scale artwork inspired by the art of experiential storytelling.


11. Miami River Art Fair – December 6-8 (VIP Preview December 6)

Delight in a panoramic rooftop vista capturing the essence of the Downtown Miami skyline at the intimate Miami River Art Fair, renowned for its international allure. Witness unique creative ventures, including NFT art and virtual booths, adding a distinctive touch to this artistic experience.


12. Untitled Art – December 6-10 (VIP Preview December 5)

The renowned independent art fair, Untitled Art, provides an inclusive cultural hub where contemporary works by emerging creatives and historical artists are unveiled.


13. Aqua Art Miami – December 6-10 (VIP Preview December 6)

For a more intimate and immersive experience, Aqua Art Miami transforms the Aqua Hotel into a gallery space that blurs the lines between art and hospitality. This fair focuses on emerging talent, providing a platform for artists who are on the brink of wider recognition.


14. Art Basel Miami Beach – December 6-10 (VIP Preview December 6 & 7)

Get ready for an unparalleled art spectacle at Art Basel Miami Beach, where leading galleries from around the world showcase a fusion of modern artworks created by both seasoned artists and emerging talents. The intentional organization of Art Basel Miami Beach into distinct sectors offers a diverse experience, from one sector displaying large-scale artwork to another serving as a creative playground for young artists and avant-garde galleries.


15. Art Beat Miami – December 6-10

Commemorate ten years of vibrant galleries at Art Beat Miami, showcasing both emerging and established artists from the Caribbean, African American diaspora, and beyond.


16. INK Miami Art Fair – December 6-10

Bringing over 16 years of expertise in curating ink-based art, the INK Miami Art Fair presents a fusion of 20th-century masterpieces and recently revealed works.


17. Red Dot Miami – December 6-10 (VIP Preview December 6)

The carefully curated Red Dot Miami art fair illuminates the forefront of contemporary artwork, featuring exhibitors, selected nonprofits, institutions, and professionals from the art industry.


18. Spectrum Miami – December 6-10 (VIP Preview December 6)

Gathering at Spectrum Miami, independent artists, studios, and emerging galleries come together to push the boundaries of creativity. Spectrum Miami, alongside Red Dot Miami, presents Two Fairs Under One Roof, providing a wide space for discovering the latest trends in art.


19. Fridge Art Fair – December 6-10 (Grand Popsicle Gala December 6)

Calling all dog owners and enthusiasts! Fridge Art Fair invites you and your furry friends to a contemporary art exhibition that’s been celebrating diverse artistic expressions for over a decade.


20. Pinta Miami – December 6-10

Pinta Miami, via its contemporary art gallery, showcases the resilience and creativity of Latin American and Spanish artists who have triumphed over global challenges. Additionally, Pinta provides virtual gallery tours for those seeking an immersive online experience.


21. HIVE: A Culinary & Cocktail Village – December 7-10

Immerse yourself in a mix of art, food, music and culture at HIVE: A Culinary & Cocktail Village, where two Wynwood city blocks undergo a transformation in a delightful journey uniting cuisine and the arts.


22. A Copper Experience: Art Basel Miami Edition – December 8

The live art exhibition “A Copper Experience: Art Basel Miami Edition” showcases wearable fashion, art, and uniquely crafted copper jewelry designed to elevate and resonate with positive vibrations.


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Conclusion: A Journey of Artistic Diversity

When you browse the satellite fairs orbiting Art Basel Week 2023 with Mundi Limos, you’re not just attending events; you are embarking on a journey of luxury and comfort through the multifaceted landscape of contemporary art. Explore each fair that adds a unique twist to Miami’s cultural identity, creating a rich, vibrant panorama that extends far beyond the confines of Art Basel’s main event.


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