The greatest Super Bowl players

The greatest Super Bowl players


The best Super Bowl players

Being such an important event for Americans made several Super Bowl players enter the football hall of fame. And since the Super Bowl 2023 is around the corner, we have made a great list for you to enjoy it.

Some of the great players left their marks with style and personality, in addition to the memorable talent on the field. If you are a Super Bowl fan, you’ll probably remember these names.


Joe Montana: One of the best Super Bowl players

Joe was considered by many to be the best quarterback in history, only surpassed by current Tom Brady. Montana defended the San Francisco 49ers for 14 seasons and won 4 Super Bowls.


Walter Payton

The player shone in the Chicago Bears. He was known in the NFL by the nickname Sweetness and is still remembered today as one of American football’s greatest running backs.


John Elway

John Albert Elway Junior was one of the top 25 quarterbacks in the history of American football.

He started his endeavor at Stanford University and later entered the Denver Broncos hall of fame, to which he dedicated his entire career.


Barry Sanders in the list of great Super Bowl players

The great running back from Detroit Lions, Barry began his career at Oklahoma State University, joining the Oklahoma State Cowboys.

Barry Sanders was known for being one of the most humble players, in contrast to the hall of fame he entered.


Peyton Manning

The NFL quarterback came from New Orleans and dedicated himself to two teams in which he was very successful.

He belonged to the Indianapolis Colts for 15 years and then played four years for the Denver Broncos. He stood out for having received the MVP title 5 times.

From the university career, he represented the University of Tennessee.


Jim Brown

The NFL’s Cleveland Browns running back was a versatile personality. Besides his beautiful American football career, he also stood out in basketball, lacrosse, and athletics at Syracuse University.

In addition, after retiring from the fields, he still made an acting career at MGM studios, in the cinema, and participation in TV series from the 1970s.


Lawrence Taylor

LT served for the New York Giants in the NFL as a linebacker, being known as one of the best players in his team’s defensive line.

The media and football experts recognize LT as one of the best players in the sport’s history.


Jerry Rice

Jerry Lee Rice was a wild receiver and represented the San Francisco 49ers.

He was considered one of the greatest leaders in his position and one of the best players in football history.

He earned the nickname of “World” for his ability to catch what came close to him. From his university career, he came from Mississippi Valley State University.

Jerry was known for being a very ethical and decisive player, dedicated to fieldwork.


Tom Brady: One of the most famous Super Bowl players

Currently the most important star in the field among active quarterbacks, Brady represents the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFL.

He started his career at the University of Michigan and was soon fished for the New England Patriots. The MVP has already been elected 4 times and collects several personal records, for example, “sportsman of the year” in at least 3 magazines.

Tom also calls attention to his friendliness. He has a beautiful family with top model Gisele Bundchen, who invariably attracts him to countless magazine covers.

In 2019, when renewing with Patriots, he signed a more flexible agreement with the team, in case he wanted to be released at the end of the year, to give new directions to his already consolidated career.

Brady then opted for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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