The comeback of corporate travel

corporate travel


With the advance of vaccination around the world, corporate travel is taking great steps. Thus, the opportunities for face-to-face interaction grow, which will lead to innovation and growth for your company.

Therefore, we have prepared this checklist to help prepare your company for this new moment. Follow the reading and get started now.


The return of corporate travel brings news

Business travel will certainly not be what it was before the pandemic, but the return of corporate travel is a fact. That’s exactly why your business travel policy needs a strategic checkup now.

Both the way and the reasons why business travel is done will undergo a transformation. After all, many companies are reviewing their people management right now.

It will no longer be about having everyone in one centralized location or office. Everything indicates that organizations will have several different hubs in their areas of expertise.

Additionally, travelers will need to go beyond the traditional passport or work visas. You will also need to provide documents such as vaccination certificates or a negative PCR/antigen test.

Additional procedures such as temperature checks or rapid COVID tests will be put in place at airports. As a result, travelers will need to arrive earlier and better prepared to ensure their productivity.


Return of corporate travel demands a new policy

All of this shows that you need to rethink your current business travel policy. To do this, follow the checklist below:


1. Ensure that your employees comply with your company’s travel policy

If your compliance rate is less than 50%, then it’s time to think about changing it. Consider why employees may not be complying with the policy:

Do they know it exists?
Is it easy to understand and follow?
Does this give employees the freedom to reserve for themselves?
Is it prepared to meet the movement to resume corporate travel?


2. Prepare your business travelers for flexibility

Currently, around 64% of corporate travelers prefer to organize their travel plans on their own. But how do you ensure they get the best deals?

The tip is to bet on a company specialized in corporate travel management. In this way, your company allows them to manage their own travel while ensuring that their policy is fully met.

Make traveler safety a priority

Restoring your team’s confidence in corporate travel is critical. So you must show what is being done to keep them safe.

A partner specialized in travel management allows your company to have support and access to all travel and security measures around the world.

In these unprecedented times, having this guarantee is the best way to stay safe.


4. Have control and visibility of your business travel budget

Is your company going over the corporate travel budget? Finding new ways to save money can really help you get the best ROI from your shifts.

Supporting a travel management platform allows your company to control expenses before, during and after each trip. Everything quickly and easily.


5. Consider sustainability in your travel policy

According to a recent study, 40% of the younger workforce choose their employment opportunities based on the company’s sustainability policy.

Therefore, including issues such as offsetting your carbon footprint in this resumption of corporate travel can be an important differentiator to attract and retain talent.


6. Grant 24X7 support for corporate travelers

Unforeseen events happen. That’s why having companies that offer customer support, run by real people – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – is essential.

In this way, your travelers will always have the support of specialists to solve challenges that occur during the travel period, always being protected, wherever they are.


7. Book the best transportation service

We understand that corporate clients have unique needs. There’s no margin for errors when it comes to meetings, conventions, and related events in a fast-changing business world. Attention to detail is how we always stay one step ahead, delivering an unparalleled chauffeured transportation service to our esteemed clients.

From solo executive business travelers to large groups, rest assured your destination will be met comfortably, safely, and promptly.

One of the biggest advantages of booking a luxury car service for corporate appointments is that clients get the convenience and agility they need to get to their destinations on time in addition to comfort and sophistication. Our modern vehicles undergo careful evaluations and are ready to take you anywhere.

They need to provide customers with the highest level of security, in addition to good performance, power, and sophistication with technological items.

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