Private aviation and ground transportation

Private aviation


Private aviation

Flying privately is much more valuable and advantageous than ever before due to the pandemic.  the world starts re-opening to air travel, and consequently, lots of passengers are getting back to airports. Consequently, It means increasing the risk of exposure to the pandemic. So, it’s paramount to keep an eye on health and safety while traveling.  Private aviation becomes a safe mean of transportation for reducing the potential risk of contagious.

In addition to that, there are many other valuable benefits of private jets. Many businessmen seek good travel experience on luxury transportation. However, what does that mean? It means traveling comfortably and safely, maximizing your time at your destination, and minimizing the number of hours spent traveling. Furthermore, traveling luxuriously on your own or with a group, enjoying all the individuality and maximum flexibility. So, this article intends to offer you an overview of the perks of luxury Private jet and ground transportation services.


Ground transportation service

For executives in charge of important companies, the world does not stop, and it is necessary to have the most qualified services at their disposal when they are on a business trip. Accordingly, hiring an executive transfer can be the best solution for your professional needs. Luxury cars and limousines are ready to offer you comfort and discretion. A reliable ground transportation service is important.

Having a team of experts looking after all the details of your ride is for drivers who are trained and fluent in other languages, it is also widely used by foreign executives visiting the country, both for business and for leisure. The ease of having a luxury car service waiting for you with a bilingual chauffeur, previously tracked routes, as well as services such as wifi and onboard services, makes it indispensable for your business travel.


Private aviation and Limousine service

Many businessmen already recognize that flying in private jets is the first option. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that the sector is able to overcome the limitations of other means of transportation, including commercial aviation itself. And, thus, executive aviation becomes a real and effective work tool. Especially for those for whom every minute counts. The time you waste on the roads or even at check-in and baggage handling is recovered every day by executives who choose to fly in private jets.

Alternatively, as executives land, it’s very important to them to count on transportation mean which offers similar amenities.  A limo service is for executives from large companies and their families, as it offers luxury cars, highly qualified chauffeurs, first-class comfort with discretion and security. Not to mention punctuality and professionalism. A luxury transportation company can help you to make sure that you get the best in comfort and luxury.


Onboard luxuries

Mundi Limos has several onboard services to offer in the car of your choice. According to your preference, each vehicle provides luxury alternatives for your traveling comfort.

You will find all kinds of amenities:

In our sedans and SUVs, you have bottled water, mints, a tissue box, hand sanitizer, cell phone charger, and Wi-Fi.

By choosing our luxury Sprinters, you will have beyond standard amenities: TV with LCD Monitor, DVD/CD player, premium rear audio, and bar console. Vans are preferred to travel with an executive group of up to 7 people in the vehicle.


Key  advantages of luxury transportation

When business executives and their teams fly privately, the biggest benefit is the time they save – for both their employees and any third parties involved. This kind of service is usually for the most serious business executives who need to reduce downtime is invaluable. A private jet is highly recommended for providing a very comfortable and safe experience. There are several different advantages to opting for this kind of transportation. Here are some of them:

  • Choice of aircraft and interior;
  • Land closer to your destination;
  • No long intermediate stops;
  • Save valuable time & money
  • The whole aircraft is just for you and your guests;

In a nutshell, these are just a few of the countless advantages of flying on your own jet. In a scenario of visiting multiple cities in different areas of the country for meetings, private travel can provide incredible advantages.

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