Plan the perfect workation in Miami with Mundi Limos


What if you didn’t have to wait for your next vacation to relax on the white sandy beaches of Miami? That’s right! There is no better time than now to reward yourself with a workation in the Magic City! You can count on Mundi Limos to provide the best luxury ground transportation service and make your stay as comfortable and stress-free as possible!

What is a workation?

A work… what? Yes, you’ve read right. The term workation, which is the combination of the words “work” and “vacation,” has emerged as one of the new trends of 2021. This is fueled by the growing number of people working remotely and the technology that allows such freedom.

Nowadays, numerous tools make it possible to hold online meetings, do live transmissions, edit presentations, and even sign documents online. You can be at the office with the click of a button. Why should you do it at home, staring at the wall, day after day?

The concept of workation encompasses both work time and leisure time. To break it down:  you will be away from your usual workplace but not from work itself.  You can do your regular job online while enjoying a change of scenery, adding some excitement and a much-appreciated change of pace.

What are the benefits of a workation?

For starters, freedom is the most significant benefit of all. The change in your working routine and environment creates a better balance between productivity, happiness, and health. You’d be surprised how a mere change of scene can inspire new ways of thinking and positively impact your creativity.

Plus, a workation will allow you to stay longer in your chosen destination than would be possible in traditional vacations with the benefits of work-life balance.

The other benefits are related to life experience such as: being able to be in several different places, immersing yourself in new cultures, making new contacts, and making dreams come true without losing focus on work.

Who doesn’t dream of seeing the world? What stopped you before? Work? Not anymore. You can take it with you. And Mundi can take you anywhere you’d like to go. Our logistics specialists take care of all the details to guide you to your destinations, and you will always have a professional chauffeur at your disposal. We have an impeccable luxury fleet and our staff is always ready to serve you.

How do you plan a workation?

Planning is key. The main reason why a workation is so attractive is that you can enjoy your time both on and off the clock. When in Miami, you can work with the view of spectacular sunsets, balmy breezes, and warm waters. To avoid frustrations, make sure to pick accommodations that include reliable Wi-Fi, good cell phone reception, and comfortable workspaces.  Check out these fabulous options.

Set up a workstation where you don’t have much background noise or disruptions. Whether it is a desk, a quiet corner, or even a patio, make sure you can get your work done with as little hassle as possible. Don’t forget to work while you’re working and play while you’re playing.  When you’re done for the day and enjoying a much-needed cocktail or playing volleyball at the beach, let your calls go to voicemail.

Plan your schedule ahead of the trip. Write down your daily activities, including your meetings and deadlines, as well as the leisure activities you want to do while on vacation. Make sure you figure out what hours you will be working and when you can take a break.  One of the advantages of working remotely is to be able to customize your workday to take advantage of when you’re most productive and enjoy the rest of your time away!

Don’t forget to have fun! It’s not always easy to juggle work and vacation, so keep in mind the whole purpose of the trip: to get away and relax! Spoil yourself with plenty of beach time, outdoor activities, and explore all that Miami has to offer!

However, if you have any emergencies, you will find our car fully equipped with wi-fi, phone, and laptop chargers. Our chauffeurs are also 100% at your disposal, to take you anywhere you need in safety and comfort.

Spoil yourself with an unforgettable workation in Miami

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Mundi’s limousine service delivers unforgettable travel experiences.  You’ll enjoy exploring the city traveling in comfort, safety, and sophistication. You can depend on our highly trained and qualified chauffeurs who are at your disposal.

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