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bachelorette party

Getting married involves preparing several events prior to the wedding day. In addition to the traditional showers and dinners, brides like to hold their bachelorette party, as the last act before the start of married life.

The bachelorette party usually involves the women closest to the bride, but there is nothing to prevent men from participating, as long as it is the bride’s will. Today, there is a wide variety of party types. To find out how to prepare for an unforgettable event, keep reading.

The party date

Defining the bachelorette party date is the first topic to be thought of during planning. Most brides prefer to have it a few days before the wedding.

The tip is to check with the most special guests the day they will be able to participate, so that no one is left out of this very special moment.

Another determining factor for choosing the date is the availability of the place where you want to say goodbye to your single life. There are women who like to have their party in lingerie stores and, in this place, it is only possible to do it during times and days when the store is not open.

If there are guests from outside the city where the event will take place, it is possible to hold the party on a holiday, so that more people can attend, even those who live far away and need to travel to be present.

Choose a date that does not overload you with tasks and announce the chosen date to all guests. People who care about you will do their best to be present at this important and fun time.

Planning the party

Organizing the bachelorette party is not always the bride’s responsibility. Made of honors, friends and family can contribute to help make this day unforgettable. Below, there are some tips for not making mistakes in planning this special moment for you and your guests.

Guests: the bride’s closest friends must be present at this time. However, some brides choose to exclude family members, such as mothers, aunts and grandparents, so that the games can be played more freely. There is no limit to the number of guests, as long as the budget is possible and that includes all the women the bride insists on being present, but it is usually something more intimate and with few guests.

Theme: the party theme should be chosen according to the bride’s tastes and characteristics. For the most daring brides, it’s worth investing in more sensual themes. The more reserved brides may prefer a romantic one. The theme must also be in accordance with the type of party that the bride wants. If you want to take a trip to the beach with friends, the theme may have to do with the sea, sun and beach.

Location: The bachelorette party can be held anywhere, from a farm to have a barbecue on the weekend, to a trip to Vegas or somewhere the bride wants. To choose the location, take into account the money available, both for the bride’s expenses and the guests’ expenses, the availability of the people who will participate and the time of year when the farewell will take place.

Limousines and decoration

Limo service: a perfect bachelorette party asks for a limo service. Let Mundi plan your party so that you can have fun without worries. We have limousines and party buses, with a driver at your disposal to take you anywhere you want with lots of music and drinks to toast with friends.

Decoration: the party decoration must be in accordance with the chosen theme. Panties curtains, heart balloons, flowers and a decorative cake are almost obligatory presences at these events, but it is worth thinking about creative ideas that have to do with the bride. The most used colors are pink and red.

Animation: choose upbeat, danceable music so no one stays put. In addition to the music, set aside some games to play with the bride. Question and answer games, treasure hunt, mime, among others, are on the list of the most fun games for bachelorette parties.

Gifts: this can be another moment to give presents to the bride – items that will help her in the new phase. The most common gift is lingerie. But you can also give her sex shop items. Also, nothing prevents objects from being given for the new house, if that is the case.

Party Favors: so that guests can remember your party for a long time, you can prepare a party for them. It is possible to plan a souvenir that can already be used at the party, or something for the guest to take home, such as a succulent vase, some candy or something handcrafted, made by you.

Organizing a bachelorette party may seem quite complex at first, but with the help of made of honors, friends and family, planning can be fun and unforgettable. Enjoy moments that will stay with you and in the memory of your guests.

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