The best places to visit in Fort Lauderdale

visit in fort laudaderdale

Fort Lauderdale is a beautiful city in Florida, known as the Venice of America, due to the number of interconnected channels that are important as streets and cut through everywhere like waterways. Find out about the best places to visit in Fort Lauderdale.

The intense boat traffic in the region is natural. To get to know this paradise well, be willing to take long journeys following the canals’ course.

Get ready to experience interesting different tourism in Fort Lauderdale. Many riches of details to register many millionaires’ houses by the canals to admire.

Located just over half an hour from Miami, Fort Lauderdale is a great destination for anyone interested in getting to know the Florida tourist area that extends to Orlando.

American Venice

Canals cut the whole city, so it has earned the simple nickname, because like the Italian city of Venice, Fort Lauderdale depends on its canals as streets for traffic, only boats.

Thus, it is impossible to think of tourist programming in the city without having access to a boat tour itinerary.

The city still counts, not only with beautiful beaches but also with the exuberance of the rivers that form the canals.

Using canals in Fort Lauderdale to get around is so important that there’s a need for water taxis. They are essential means of transportation to move tourists and citizens everywhere, covering long stretches of the city through the canals.

Amazing Beaches

Fort Lauderdale’s beaches are truly idyllic, one of those places that is worth spending the day.

The beach’s most beautiful view is the amazing sunrise, which appears as a fireball in the middle of the ocean. You can observe this phenomenon in Hollywood Beach, waking up very early. If you are looking for places to visit in Fort Lauderdale, the beaches should definitely be on your list.

The tourist infrastructure is perfect for families, with a good range of restaurants and food stalls around. The landscape is beautiful and very typical of the beach, with palm trees, white sand and a clear sea.

The shore is also very inviting, where you can ride a bike, go hiking, or promote a beautiful picnic around the playground. The ideal place to enjoy the summer!

Jungle Queen

To get to know the city in the traditional way, there is nothing better than taking a tour through the Jungle Queen Riverboat, the oldest and most-requested boat, in operation since 1936.

Two types of itineraries are offered to tourists: a 90-minute itinerary, the mansions and yachts of millionaires who invest in the region; or a 3-hour itinerary that includes a stop on a tropical paradise island, to visit and take pictures.

On certain dates, there is also a 4-hour night tour, accompanied by a hearty dinner with the best of typical southern food. Shows may also be scheduled for this date.

The itinerary continues to Port Everglades, where you can see countless anchored yachts and millionaire mansions around the route

City Parks

There are a number of incredible parks that you can visit around the city.
Esplanade Park invites you to listen to jazz while enjoying an outdoor brunch on the first Sunday of the month.

At Huizenga Park, there are also often a series of outdoor shows. The space is also great for practicing relaxing activities like enjoying the bike and having picnics with the family. The city parks are great places to visit in Fort Lauderdale.

The center and Riverwalk

There are many options for what to do in downtown Fort Lauderdale. La Olas Boulevard is a well-frequented street for shopping, malls, several restaurants and varied entertainment options, even with an art gallery.

The bars at night are a hit and always well frequented. Another successful street best known for its nightlife is Himmarshee Street.

A popular shopping center is the Sawgrass Mills outlet with numerous stores including luxury goods. The place is popularly known for having an alligator as a symbol.

Riverwalk is the beautiful waterfront that is frequented for good walks and is quite pleasant for riding a bike enjoying the view to the New River and the city center. It is possible to enjoy cultural activities along the coast.

Walk in the swamp

Sawgrass Recreation Park is a great outing for the whole family. It is a water park in a swamp region with an immense population of alligators, which come very close to the boats, full of curiosity.

The park is also a place of rehabilitation for endangered animals, with nurseries that also house other species, such as iguanas. At the end of the tour, there is a kiosk where exotic meats are served for appreciation.

Millionaire homes

Fort Lauderdale became known for its yachts and millionaire mansions due to the high demand of this wealthy elite for refugees in the heat of the sun, fleeing the harsh winter of the great business centers of northern cities, such as New York.

Although Miami is the most important city in Florida, the search for Fort Lauderdale took place precisely because of the tranquility that the climate and local geography provide. The city’s architecture is also pleasing, as it is a mix of historical buildings with modern and futuristic buildings by millionaires.

Despite being an elite stronghold, it is not desert, more and more rich young people look for the place to chime on the always crowded beaches.

It is not uncommon to find celebrities enjoying Fort Lauderdale, whether on the beach, partying or even on yachts.

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