Organizing events during difficult times

organizing events


When we think about organizing events in times of crisis, it is inevitable not to automatically think about tight budgets and planning difficulties. However, a successful event goes far beyond that. Therefore, in this article we have gathered some important steps and tips on how to organize excellent events even in less favorable conditions, whether financial or structural.

Regardless of the budget available, the success of a good event lies in engaging the participants and promoting interaction between them and with the event. And that counts for corporate events.

So, even in difficult times, it is possible to change this through a few basic steps. After all, organizing events is a great opportunity for engagement with the company, and for that, it is necessary to involve the public before, during and after the event.

In addition to being able to more accurately trace the profile of the participants, involving the public helps to align their expectations regarding the event and this ensures that no expense or investment is in vain. After all, our goal here is to help you organize good events during difficult times.


What changes when organizing events in times of crisis?

Talking about budget cuts and limited budgets is already a cliché when it comes to holding events in crisis. However, even in complicated scenarios, factors beyond the financial sector need to be considered.

If you’re wondering if it’s still worth investing in corporate events: the answer is yes, as long as the company sticks to some fundamental details.

Corporate events not only increase engagement with the company, but also qualify employees and make them more motivated with their careers and positions in the organization. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the benefits that events can bring, so that the efforts and investments are worthwhile.

One of the key factors in an event’s success is aligning attendees’ expectations with the event experience. As we will see in the following steps, all of this unfolds in several factors, from the event format to the moment to get feedbacks.

In addition to some tools that can help analyze whether an event is viable, you also need to invest in creativity and innovation when economic instability doesn’t help. In order to test new formats and strategies, it is possible to create events with a leaner schedule, but with more quality and more engaging.


Set priorities

It is necessary to determine some secondary steps in order of priority. When we think about an event, obviously, we think about the audience and what will be offered to them. Therefore, it is necessary to start with the financial.

First of all, it is necessary to know if there will be a sponsor or not. Was the option considered? It is not always necessary to have a sponsor, as the company often bears the expenses or the registration fee is sufficient to fund the event.

It is noteworthy that all the following processes will depend on the available budget. Therefore, having sponsors in times of crisis can be a very favorable option to make events viable.


Filling in the event: the schedule

It’s time to define what interests the participant most: the event schedule.It’s the great way to get your persona’s attention and engage them. Both in the content offered and the format chosen for the event, everything here matters to ensure the best possible experience for your guest.

We often think that the number of attractions is what fills an event, when in fact it can result in a lengthy, tiring event and cause attendees to leave before the end.

Therefore, considering the financial issue and the experience of the participants, betting on one or two speakers of great importance is a better decision than filling the event with extensive lectures that will not attract attention. In these cases, quality weighs more than quantity, and thus it is entirely possible to organizing good events at low cost.


What should I not cut at the event?

We know that some factors are essential for events to happen, for example: location, structure, services, internet, coffee break, among other details. However, it is possible to save on each of them through strategic planning, adapting the persona and aligning with your expectations.

Starting from the need for a physical space for the realization, it is necessary to think about that ideal: neither big nor too small. The coffee break, for example, is important, but as long as the focus of the event is not gastronomy, it is possible to budget for more affordable options and direct expenses towards the strengths of the event, such as the speaker or the guarantee that the contracted internet speed is sufficient.


Connectivity and networking

Of course, corporate events have a favorable climate—and plenty of opportunity—to create valuable networking. And for those who have a hard time engaging in a chat in person, technology can help a lot!

Through applications made exclusively for the events, it is possible to provide features such as matchmaking, which makes it possible for participants to find other people with similar profiles or professional aspirations and start an online conversation.

In this way, bringing all the information and social interaction of an event into an app allows participants to enjoy the event as a whole and stay engaged before, during and after the event.


Get ready for the next event

By following all these tips, you will be ready to organize events even in times of crisis. Regardless of the economic scenario, a good event can be simple, streamlined and low-cost, as long as it meets the audience’s expectations and emotionally engages them in constructive experiences.

Producing events can be an expensive activity, but it is always possible to save and offset some expenses to ensure cost-effectiveness. Whether it’s a fair, a workshop or a lecture, what determines the success of an event is how the dissemination will be directed, the program will be designed to entertain and bring knowledge to the participants.

Therefore, even in an unstable economic scenario, the focus should be on creating less passive and more participatory events that, through technology, offer structure and possibilities for interaction. This is the key to ensuring the good experience of those who are there.


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