Mundi’s Short Guide: 5 tips for traveling in times of Covid-19



We all know that life has not been the same since this Covid-19 took the world by surprise. Everything has changed, and the future is still unclear. At Mundi Limos, our luxury car service was also affected, but we are following all official CDC guidelines. That way, our chauffeurs can take you anywhere you need to go with the comfort, sophistication and safety our VIP clients are used to.

Although these are difficult times, we can surely think about traveling and make plans, right? The questions are endless: How do I choose the right option for my destination? Do I hire a car service or travel by plane? How many days will I spend traveling? What about airport transfers?

Some people are eager to book an upcoming trip and others have important appointments they cannot miss. We believe that the moment is still delicate and uncertain. But if you would like to make plans for your future trips, we will give you some tips. So that you can organize everything considering the major changes in travel during the Covid-19.


Check out our 5 Tips for Traveling Safely in Times of Covid-19


1 – Choose National Destinations

National trips are going to be even more usual for life during and after Covid-19. It is very likely that your first trip in the new era will be around your own country, whether it’s the U.S., Canada, Italy or Australia.

Many travelers have already replaced the idea of ​​enjoying summer in other continents for exploring the beauties of their own place. If you are traveling by car or plane, near or far, there is always an interesting city for you to visit and fall in love with incredible itineraries for all tastes.


Traveling by Car

And don’t forget that Mundi Limos is ready to offer a first-class transportation service for you to enjoy your trip experience to the maximum! If you need an airport transfer, a city tour, to get to a business meeting, or you will travel to another city, Mundi has various options of services and vehicles that will suit your needs.


2 – Check All Details Carefully

Some companies, such as airlines, online agencies, and hotels are betting on promotions at this moment to re-heat the market and increase the number of customers.

The point here is to be aware of all the rules, especially in relation to rescheduling and cancellations. In addition, it’s important to make a research about each company’s situation regarding the pandemic.


Research About the Company

The tip is to carefully read each company’s terms and conditions. Attentively research about the company before closing a deal and if you are not 100% sure, do not confirm. The headache in the future can be great and an apparent good deal can become a bad one.


Travel Insurance

It is extremely important to take out travel insurance when we go to another country, if that is your case. At times like these, it becomes even more important so that you can go to a doctor abroad with peace of mind.

Our tip is to always search for travel insurance that covers not only medical expenses, but also expenses for flight delays and lost luggage. It is unpleasant when something like this happens but knowing that you are covered will certainly improve your travel experience.


3 – Airlines and Flight Best Practices

The air travel industry was one of the most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. The necessary social distance explains this change. Tourist and business trips have been canceled or postponed. Even corporate meetings, congresses and events started to be held by videoconference.

Traveling in a closed environment with a great number of people, who could be contaminated, may not be the best transportation option at the moment. In addition, you would be spending time in security lines and airport terminals. This would bring you into close contact with other people.


Safely Guidelines

Some guidelines have been announced by CDC and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in order to prevent the spread of the virus. Don’t forget to check the official websites to find out about what specific airports and airlines are doing to protect passengers.

As we all know, hygiene is the key for controlling the spread of Covid-19. That is why many important institutions such as the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) have expanded protocols. See some below:

  • Equipment and surfaces at screening checkpoints, for example, are rigorously cleaned and disinfected.
  • You will also notice officers wearing masks and gloves, practicing social distancing, and changing gloves after each pat-down.
  • Plastic shields will be found at every document checking podium, bag search and drop off locations.


If you are going to travel with an airline, also keep in mind that the TSA has made several changes to the screening process. So be aware when you are at the airport.

  • Travelers should wear masks all the time. But during screening TSA employees may ask you to adjust your mask for a brief moment for identification purposes.
  • If you are bringing your own hand sanitizer bottle (and we strongly advise you to), remember that each traveler may have one container of up to 12 ounces (about 350 milliliters) in a handbag. They will need to be taken out for screening.
  • Don’t forget to separate food from carry-on bags. Food items should be placed in a plastic bag and separated for screening.


4 – Ground Transportation Services


tips for traveling in times of Covid 19


We know that even if land and air borders are open, many people will avoid flying, since this option of transportation is usually a crowded one.

You may prefer to drive or be driven, which also gives you more control over your environment. You’ll still need to be smart about any stops you make, but that just takes some planning. Be aware that you should make as few stops as possible.


Avoid flying, travel by car

Having a professional chauffeur taking care of your transfer or longer distance ride is one of the best and safest options.

It is of utmost importance that you are supplied with protective masks and alcohol based hand sanitizer in an easily accessible spot. So you can use them during your trip as necessary. At Mundi Limos our clients are provided with health kits containing disposable masks, hand sanitizer and a bottle of water.

To avoid social contact and thus avoid possible contagion, we would recommend a luxury car service, which is safe and reliable. A highly qualified and trained chauffeur can pick you up and drive you anywhere with comfort and full safety.

In addition to safety due to this pandemic, you have the freedom to go wherever you would like to with a professional driving you around.


5 – Choose Companies that Follow All Hygiene Practices


tips for traveling in times of Covid


Several new habits are being introduced into our daily lives and probably many of them are here to stay. Here comes a new way of traveling, with new habits, more safety, and more hygiene. Companies must adapt quickly so as not to be left behind.

The hygiene and safety procedures and conducts adopted by each company will be decisive when choosing travel services.

Transparency in every area will be fundamental and many are already putting it into practice. Reinventing themselves and signaling their new practices to the market. Read, research, get as much information as you can and choose trusted companies.


Mundi’s preventive measures against Covid-19

  1. Wearing a mask is a requiremen: Our chauffeurs wear masks all the time and we also ask our clients to wear them inside the car. Preferably, we would advise you not to walk down the streets without a mask.
  2. We provide the masks: In case you have forgotten yours, we will provide disposable masks to protect you.
    If you have been wearing the same mask for a long period, it’s important to change it. You will also find a disposable mask in our health kit.
  3. Separation panel between client and chauffeur:  We have also installed specific separation panels to prevent contact between our chauffeur and the client, making sure that both chauffeur and client talk about what is strictly necessary.
  4. Deep cleaned vehicles: After every single trip, all our vehicles are rigorously cleaned and disinfected. We have a specialized team looking after this matter and taking care of every detail.
  5. Automatic hand sanitizer:  You will find automatic sanitizing dispensers in all our vehicles, so you can clean your hands without worrying about contagion.

      Additional recommendations for traveling in the Covid-19 era:

  • Always bring masks to avoid any risks.
  • Keep your hands clean by always washing them and using alcohol gel.
  • Bring your personal utensils, like cutlery and glass.
  • Avoid people gathering, preferring less crowded times and places.
  • Respect the security measures of each destination you are visiting.


We know it’s not easy to adapt, but we want to assist you in any way we can! If you need to travel and would like to book a limousine service, Mundi Limos’ luxury transportation is ready and waiting for you.

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