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Event planning is on the list of the top 10 most stressful tasks in the life of everyone every day. Some event coordinators prepared a stress score, which puts event holding neck-to-neck with other stress issues in everyday business life. Event management is usually a high-pressure task. It’s usually very demanding due to tight deadlines, unrealistic expectations, lack of control, and constant interruptions.  So, if you enjoy organizing and throwing parties and events this article will help you with some useful tips to reduce event planning stress and boost productivity.


Why event planning are so stressful?

Holding an event sounds like fun to many of us. It is usually very exciting and rewarding afterward when guests are having fun. In fact, there’s a bunch of things we have to struggle on our everyday business life such as communication affairs, deadlines, outsourcing partners, budgets management, you name it. Although it’s not an easy job, you can get to see the event planning come to true successfully handled. Learning to manage stress is paramount for any event coordinator.


Recognize what’s going well

One of the first things you should do is to recognize what’s going well in your planner. As important as to know what’s ok with your planning, it’s to identify what’s not going so well. Knowing what’s going right with the event planning can instantly give you a positive mindset, which makes it easier to avoid stress and puts you into the perspective of changing what’s affecting your agenda. Plus, feeling your event planning is making progress is a good way to relax.


Work on a tangible schedule

Keeping track of your schedule is crucial for avoiding any kind of pressure due to tight deadlines. The more we plan, the less we have to anticipate what may wrongly happen. In addition, planning allows us to improve our confidence and self-efficacy in handling anything that may come up. Whenever one works on a regular schedule, it becomes easy to know what to expect at work, besides successfully helping to tackle any difficulty that may pop up.


Decide on your priorities

Priority is crucial to keep us mentally healthy. Looking after ourselves is key to keeping the levels of stress under control.  The hustle and bustle of our daily business life make it easy to fall into the trap of always running against the clock. Though you may have superb organization and time management skills, it’s a good idea to have a team of partners you can count on wherever you need. Delegation is a vital skill for event planners. Once you refuse to delegate tasks, it can bring negative consequences like overloading your schedule, and not allowing you to decide properly on the priorities.

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