Limousines: A Brief History and All You Need to Know About Them

Limousines A brief history and all you need to know about them


Have You Ever Thought About the True Origin of the Luxurious Limousines We All Know and Love?

The word comes from a French town called Limoges, in the Limousin region. The town residents used to wear a cloak hood that was similar to the covered compartment of early limos.

Some people also believe the limousine was named in honor of Charles Jeantaud, born in Limoges in the 1800’s, and the first person to develop an automobile, which provided a roof for both passengers and drivers.

Thanks to this innovation and years of development, limousines have become an absolute reference in terms of elegance and comfort.




After all, when we think about comfort, safety and luxury vehicles, the first thing that comes to mind is our one and only limousine.

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The Features of a Limousine

Thanks to its generous dimensions and shape, the limousine has a classic and refined elegance with at least three side windows.

It generally offers at least five very comfortable seats in two rows, usually featuring an electric sunroof. Although that depends on each model.

Did you know that the world’s largest limousine is more than 30 meters long, has a bar, swimming pool and, believe it or not, a Helipad?

Now you can try to imagine the size and amount of seats they have in a vehicle like this.

A limousine should necessarily offer the highest qualities to provide maximum comfort on your journey. Some important features are:

  •  A powerful petrol or turbo diesel engine;
  •  An automatic gearbox;
  •  Propulsion or four-wheel drive;
  •  Perfect suspensions that make the experience safer;
  •  Various steering aids, from control with automatic adjustment to rear view camera.


Another interesting thing you should know is that there are various types of limousines on the market, and before you rent one, it’s important to know each kind.

For example, a classic Sedan Limousine can be about 5 meters long and is ideal if you are a frequent traveler – especially if you need to be taken through the streets of city centers, with the best conditions and in a vehicle with refined aesthetics.

Other limousines have many diverse functions. They can be over 5 meters long and are appropriate for important business trips, serving top managers, head officers and corporation owners.

Many entrepreneurs also need to rent a limousine to get to private airports. The reasons for choosing a luxury ground transportation are endless.


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Limousines are usually customized and private for very different contexts. These luxury vehicles often transport political figures, CEOs from big companies, famous personalities or show business VIPs, for example.

To sum up, we are talking about one of the most sophisticated and exclusive transportation method.

If you want to learn about the limousine service of President Donald Trump, we have prepared an article with several curiosities about the presidential vehicle Cadillac One. Just click here!


Advantages of These Luxury Vehicles

One of the many benefits of a luxury transportation service is having a chauffeur driving you around while you enjoy the journey with pleasure and comfort at the best possible level, in a completely safe vehicle.

In addition, you can appreciate the absolute silence, both in terms of engine or rolling noise.

Another advantage of a limousine service is the excellent active safety (optimal adhesion) and passive safety (shock absorbing area, numerous front and side airbags, retractable steering column and more). It’s an incredibly high resistant vehicle.

This can be an excellent experience for any kind of event. Renting a limousine service is a great option for different situations, either if you have to transport delicate material, or have a private event.

However, you must be wondering how much it costs to rent a limousine. Well, the price varies according to the vehicle model, the rental time required, the services requested and other specificities.

Therefore, if you want to know how to rent a limousine, just contact us for more information, book your reservation and have a unique experience!


Classic and Prestige limousines


The Classic Limousines

With a length of more than 4.5 meters, the classic limousine is a big sedan with three side windows.

It can accommodate from five to seven people, or even more in some cases, if they are large limousines. There’s plenty of comfort for the passengers.

Considered the high profile vehicle of classic sedans, the limousines increase safety, silence and comfort to the maximum.

In addition to well-planned suspensions, the upholstery is made of leather and extremely comfortable.


The Prestigious Limousines

Comparable in size to the largest classic limousines, this vehicle differs mainly in higher quality equipment.

These exceptional limousines are more frequently seen in the United States, where they were built following the express request from government officials and leaders of large companies.

With an average length of 5 meters, this limousine offers its four occupants a VIP reception, leather upholstery worthy of a royal salon (heated seat, massage, adjustable pneumatic seat and more) and a series of comfort accessories such as refrigerated drinks, video screen and other multiple luxury amenities.

In addition, these models are usually armored!

So, did you enjoy learning more about the history of limousines and its different models?

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