Golfing in America

Golf through history

Historians believe the influence for golf comes from Scotland from a game called Kolven, a game played in Holland. As well as from Chole, played in Belgium. Since Scotland introduced it in the 15th Century, it is an important influence within modern golf. However, in April 2005 researchers found evidence indicating that the Chinese played an identical game to the fashionable golf, within the Southern Tang, about 500 years before any mention of ‘golf’ in Europe.

Golf has gone through several different moments in history, which brought many changes. The advances in the means of transportation service in the 18th century, as the railways allowed people to move and explore outside their towns for the first time. Consequently, golf clubs and associations spread everywhere. The industry started producing clubs and balls in mass, making the game affordable to anybody, and golf’s popularity went up high.


The sport of billionaires

Recent researches have taken a deep look into the favorite sports activities of the world’s very high net worth population, who have assets between $5 million and $30 million. The report that the majority of billionaires tend to focus on running their enterprises. Still, they have many other passions such as technology, cars, art, travel, wine & spirits, and outdoor sports. Their interest in these hobbies tends to vary by richness level and the engagement increases with age.

Golf is a premium sport and is commonly considered the sport of the rich. The research, states likewise, that over 15 percent of billionaires play it, or even watch it. First, its pieces of equipment, which include golf bags, clubs, gloves, range finders, balls, and sticks, besides many other assorted tools are high-priced. In addition, there is a membership fee for being part of any golf course. After all, it does not mean much for the sport’s lovers. Thus, this is not a game to everyone due to the investment in time and equipment.


Top five golf resorts in the United States

There was once a time when golfers counted, on one hand, the number of premium golf resorts.  Nowadays, there are dozens of top-end destinations all over the country, though.  Each of these clubs offers a large range of courses and playing experiences. We prepared a list of some of the best golf resorts in the United States, which are perfect for golf enthusiasts and families alike.


  1. Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill – it’s a beautiful golf course located in the suburb of Orlando, Florida. It is home to one of the most popular tournaments on the PGA Tour, the Arnold Palmer Invitational.  Bay Hill is definitely challenging, even to the most skilled golfers, especially if the wind is up! It provides a private club atmosphere while also being extremely welcoming to the lodge guests.
  2. Trump National Doral – It’s located in Miami, and is home to four uniquely designed golf courses, with the most notable being the Blue Monster. The Blue Monster has been the annual PGA Tour venue for 55 years in a row and its 18th hole, traditionally known as one of the most difficult, will make your stay here extraordinary.
  3. Oak Point Golf Course– It’s located at 4394 Hope Plantation Dr, Johns Island, SC, the United States is a designed course that offers strategic challenges with uneven fairways and fields that can best even the most skilled golfers. You cannot miss it.
  1. Seaside Golf Course, Inc. – it’s a Golf club located at 451 Avenue U, Seaside Oregon 97138. It was designed to be an outstanding golf destination with nine holes.  The seaside course highlights the Sea Island Resort, which is considered the Golf Digest as one of the top Golf Resorts in North America.  It holds the PGA Tour’s annual RSM Classic every November.
  2. Pebble Beach Golf Links It’s located at 1700 17-Mile Drive, Pebble Beach, CA.  It is ranked 11th best golf course in the world and one of the United States’ top golfing destinations. It owns one of the most scenic shots of golf.


Golf travel plans

Many will agree that traveling for playing golf is relatively hard at this pandemic time. In fact, this is a missing activity of many summer Golfers. However, it does not mean putting off all your travel golf plans indefinitely. There are several different golf destinations in the United States, which are already open, following all the protocols of security against covid-19. Golf is an ideal activity for social distancing since it is an outdoor game, say some golfers

Several golf clubs are reopening under all the safety protocols to keep golfers safe from infections. Unsurprisingly, these days, people have started traveling to courses and the interest is more alive than neve among golf lovers. The sport has drawn many new players to local golf clubs, attempting to find ways of keeping themselves mentally and physically healthy.

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