Environmentally sustainable transportation services

The transportation sector has been responsible for a quarter o global greenhouse gas emissions. As well as some other related environmental and social issues such as air pollution and noise emissions. Therefore, grounded on that, Mundi Limos Board has decided to purchase the first two electric vehicles. It’s increasingly clear that there is a need to follow the rules related to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) in order to mitigate this issue.  Those aware of it will enjoy reading this article and get to know what we’ve been doing to catch up with the ESG policies.

Environmentally sustainable mobility

Mundi Limos has been struggling to offer its customers, some environmentally friendly luxury transportation services solutions. So, it has recently upgraded its fleet with multiple Tesla electric vehicles to help reduce carbon emissions (CO2). The vehicles selected to be part of our fleet are the recently launched long-range model Tesla Y,  and the Tesla S.

The environment plays a central role in our planning and decision-making processes and is an ethical requirement, included in our strategy and policies on safety, environment, health, and social responsibility. It is also a business need aligned with the expectations of our customers and partners.

Benefits of the electric vehicles

We strongly believe that achieving the objectives of preserving the environment is critical for social well-being and economic resilience, contributing to increased productivity. Thus, the new electric sedans Tesla Y and Tesla S represent a key solution to meet the goals of reducing carbon pollution (CO2), in addition to offering other benefits, such as:

  • Dual-motor that provides better performance;
  • Refined and elegant design;
  • Less noise pollution, engines are silent;
  • More efficient energy consumption;
  • Lower supply cost;
  • Lower maintenance cost compared to traditional vehicles;
  • Greater high-impact security;
  • Versatile and flexible seats with head and arm support;
  • Instant connection with Bluetooth for multiple devices; and
  • More legroom and luggage.
  • Environmental luxury transportation services

 Tesla sustainable vehicles

The Tesla Y, Long Range model, can carry up to 5 passengers, and the Tesla S can accommodate comfortably up to 5 people (including the driver). These vehicles will offer extraordinary travel experiences aboard electric cars, which are quieter, safer, less polluting, more comfortable, spacious, and with immersive sound.

In addition, it brings ventilated or heated seats and the right to a sensitive screen at the touch to watch games, movies, and more! We are always willing to offer our customers the best luxury transportation service, short or long-distance trips. Our experienced and licensed chauffeurs are ready to provide a smooth and uneventful trip.

We have advanced technologies for traffic control and flight monitoring. We guarantee punctuality and impeccable VIP service. For information and reservations, call +1 (800) 317-7087 or email info@mundilimos.com. Our reservations team is waiting for you around the clock. Visit our website www.mundilimos.com.








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