Enjoy a trip from Miami to Key West

travel from miami to key west

How to get from Miami to Key West? There are several ways, but the best one is pretty obvious: by car. And even better, with a luxury car service!

You can get a plane, but the main beauty of this trip is precisely the way there, passing by the beautiful Overseas Highway (US Highway 1). With a luxury car service, you can enjoy the view with no worries and even stop to take pictures. And, believe us, you’ll want to do this over and over again.

By car, you will be able to enjoy the path as it deserves, as well as the freedom to explore the other Keys. The chauffeur will take you anywhere you want.

The beautiful way from Miami to Key West

The distance from Miami to Key West is approximately 160 miles. The journey between the two destinations passes over 40 huge bridges and fantastic paradise islands that are worth every minute of the trip.

Most of the travel time is spent on huge bridges that connect the islands to each other. Because of the distance, you can make a return trip on the same day if you go early and are in a good mood. By spending a day in Key West you can see a lot, but the day trip can be a bit tiring. If you can stay there for at least one night, it’s ideal, and you can even visit a bar or restaurant at night.

Along the way from Miami to Key West, you’ll pass islands that are worth visiting and exploring. The first is Key Largo Island, which is great for those who like to dive. Next is Islamorada Island, which is more for local fishermen and doesn’t have much to do.

The next islands are Marathon and Big Pine Key, which have great beaches and paradise. And after traveling through all these islands, there is Key West Island, which is the most inhabited and touristic of all, with all the necessary infrastructure to spend the day.

Key West’s Top Sights

The city is very different from Miami. Don’t expect to see imposing mansions or mirrored buildings, but rather all-wooden houses, well separated from each other. There is also a more rustic environment on the streets, but the profile of visitors is quite varied: from families with young children to singles looking for extreme sports.

Duval Street: This is the main street in Key West. There are several restaurants, bars, and shops. It is very common for tourists to have their meals on this avenue and depart from there for city tours.

We also recommend the Hard Rock Cafe, as the chain’s food is varied and the rock atmosphere is very relaxed. Another option would be Bien, with a more Caribbean style food, very well qualified by Trip Advisor.

Sunset at Mallory Square: One of Key West’s top attractions is the sunset at Mallory Square. It is so beautiful to see it descending on the horizon, that many people just stop to watch and even applaud nature.

Southernmost Point: This is the main monument in the city. It marks the closest point between the United States and Cuba.

Where to stay in Key West

The Reach Resort Waldorf Astoria: overlooking the stunning sea of ​​Key West, this is a very comfortable 5-star hotel, with a large swimming pool and a restaurant also focused on nature.

Sunset Key Cottages: Unlike anything you may have seen as lodging in the region, the 5-star Sunset Key Cottages allows the visitor to feel in a secluded mansion, amidst the idyllic landscape of Key West.

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