Cultivating Customer Relations as a Luxury Service

Cultivating Customer Relations as a Luxury Service

Every business is about offering products and services that add value to its customers life, in the form of an experience or solution for a certain need.

Offering luxury as part of a service package means that it serves a very specific audience: Politicians, sophisticated businesspeople… in other words, rich and important people, a group of customers who are used to higher-level experiences in their daily lives and are also willing to pay accordingly.

Needless to say, this target group expects nothing but the best. If a company plans on charging 5-star prices, it had better deliver a 5 (or even more) star service. This article is going to tell you how to keep a client satisfied when driving downtown in a luxury car is already part of what everyday life means for them.

Your customer is going to book a ride with your luxury SUV not only because it’s a brand-new Cadillac Escalade, but because of how your team treats them. The key here is being professionally detail-oriented — here are the little things that make the whole difference:

After arriving before pick-up time, a chauffeur should hold a sign or Ipad with the customer’s name and surname (spelled correctly) and be ready to give a warm, respectful handshake before introducing himself and carefully opening the car doors.

Once our VIP is inside the car, another plus point goes for handling their luggage with agility, yet very carefully. It’s a nice idea to confirm if your guest is familiar with the city — If yes, confirming the route is a pretty good thing to do, and if not, a short explanation covering the route and how long the trip is going to last means space to more precise planning.

Here is another TIP for top-level chauffeurs: How would it feel to be picked up by a wonderful limousine and then feeling like sitting into a freezer? – Our guests should be offered to choose the temperature.

Also, a nice talk could leave an awesome first impression. Here, an Important detail applies: When starting a conversation topic, ensure that your passenger is not too tired to talk, and be respectful of intimacy and sensitive or private topics.

Attention here – It’s not to say that the driver shall follow a rigid, impersonal policy, finding a balance is the right way to keep a professional interaction, as well as leaving room for the guest to choose the radio station, as well as the type of music or a simple comfortable silence.

Succeeding in this field is for people who genuinely care about people.

All the fancy decoration, the carefully selected, impeccably clean vehicle and even welcoming a customer with a bottle of their favourite champagne are all important things, nevertheless, when it’s time for our client to lie down after a very busy business day following a tight schedule, what is truly going to make an impact is simply how you and your service made them feel.

As human beings, we are social creatures longing for the company of others, we want to feel great and to be well-treated regardless of position in society or purchasing power. As a luxury service provider, our company strives to make every single ride to the city’s airport a memorable experience.

Hospitality is top priority.

Chauffeurs and Concierges need to be aware that they represent a lot more than bilingual individuals holding professional driver’s licences, they shall be rather enough empowered as employees to see their career as a relationship-building endeavour.

Sometimes, in a never ending pursuit of a higher and higher standard, a luxury company’s staff may slip into the habit of delivering what they are strictly trained to. More than that, always keep in mind that brand advocacy is always built on a legacy of good emotions left in the clients hearts.

Good results can only come from very engaged employees. Improving your organizational culture with room for understanding and empathy is going to result in everyone working and feeling at their best. It will not only have a positive impact in employee retention and commitment levels, but will also ultimately put the icing on the cake, making up for the best guest experience.

After establishing a good working environment, encourage your team, based on metrics and collected customer feedback, to be sensitive to each person’s needs, by observing and asking assertive questions during the service, in addition to learning standards, a well-managed team learns also about emotions.

Always remember that even the best companies out there still have room to improve and grow towards a more customer-centric approach. Besides thanking your client for choosing your service, leave them feeling thankful for making the right choice.

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