Corporate events trends and tips

corporate events trends

Certainly 2022 is a year marked by hope, both for people who stayed at home for almost two years, and for sectors that were “frozen” because of the pandemic. This was no different for the sector and event promoters. But the picture is looking much better. Check our tips about corporate events trends.

In-person Events and the new World Scenario

The public increasingly yearns for eye-to-eye contact and relationship. Even with cutting-edge technology, there is nothing to replace physical presence and touch.

Market Planning and Analysis

Certainly, when it comes to an event, the first thing that goes through the event planner’s mind is, of course, planning. Theyr carry out a briefing of the event, swot analysis, goals, budget, schedule, among other points.

In addition, to increase the success of your event, an improvement analysis should be carried out, as well as an analysis of the market and current trends.

In this article, we will see the top tips for events in 2022, in the face-to-face, hybrid and online models.

Events – In-person, Online and Hybrid

Although there were already online events before the pandemic, this sector grew a lot after the beginning of the quarantine. In this way, the hybrid event arises, which combines the face-to-face with the online and meets both demands.

First, it is positive for who is planning the event, as it increases its reach and helps with health issues. For example, such as the audience limit and inclusion of participants who could not participate in person.

Hybrid Events are a trend for 2022. There are many positive points listed, such as audience reach, engagement, networking, favorable environment for partnerships and business, no geographic limitations and greater ease with sponsorship.

Trends for Corporate Events

Health and safety

We have already listed that the hybrid event (that is, a mix of face-to-face and online) is a trend for 2022. But it is important to talk about something else: With the return of face-to-face and hybrid events, any type of health and safety care is indispensable.

Following safety measures, such as greater care with hygiene, reduced capacity for in-person participants, alcohol gel totems, new ways of serving food, it is certainly more than possible to hold a successful event and safe for everyone.

The biggest tip of all is to value large spaces with natural ventilation. Thus, your audience will feel more comfortable to participate, in a light way.


During the pandemic, it became clear that contact and interaction are needed in our daily lives. As well as evidenced the structure for work and leisure. The demands are greatest in our own home.

Certainly, this trend has arrived at events, as your audience wants to participate, give their opinion and really want to make a difference with their presence at that place. Make the most of it, learn and add.

Therefore, the use of tools such as online forms, polls, dynamics, live demonstrations and real-time feedback are being used by event promoters.

Events and Sustainability

Sustainability practices at events are highly valued by your audience. Many are already known, such as the movement towards ‘zero waste’ events.

It is because attractions and events, whether from one or another segment, can generate many impacts, positive or negative in relation to the environment.

In addition, there is also the term and practices of social sustainability, which are actions that aim at the quality of people’s lives, both in your company and in the public involved around you.

Main tips for holding a sustainable event:

1- Look for suppliers that are aligned with the same policy of sustainable ideas for the environment as your corporation;

2- Have a waste management, from the use of recycled and reused materials, to the correct separation of waste;

3- Seek to carry out social responsibility certifications: the different certifications prove the sustainability practices in events, further qualifying the company’s image;

4- Choose to hire suppliers and services in the cities chosen to host the events. Providing more employment generation and income distribution in cities, which further strengthens your event in society.

Data Usage and Intelligence

The use of technology was already present in the events sector, but because of the pandemic, it has become the best ally in the area.

The trend is for technology to be more and more present. It can be in events as in our daily lives and data is one of the most valuable elements today.

These data, in general, allow you to stand out from your competitors and gain a competitive edge. This is possible by knowing your audience and delivering what they want and need at events.

Data – or precious information about your audience – can be collected through Landing Pages, user experience, surveys in forms, among other means. But remember, always be aware of the GDPR.

Corporate Events Trends: Tourist Cities

Especially after 2 years of so many uncertainties, the public values ​​their well-being. And we all know how good traveling is.

And finally, a big trend in 2022 is Bleisure travel. In this way, the traveler takes the opportunity to carry out, in addition to their commitments, enjoy and get to know the local attractions.

Finally, now that you know the main corporate events trends, the most strategic locations, the market and the event audience for this year, You can also improve your event experience by booking a luxury transportation service for your guests.

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