Conventional Transfer X Luxury Transfer

Conventional Transfer X Luxury Transfer

Travelling is an unavoidable part of the greatest businesses out there. Flying overseas to personally meet and visit your biggest partners and clients may result in stronger relationships and important networking; no online call is comparable to shaking your partner’s hands and looking into their eyes.

For many CEOs and top executives or employees, business travel may turn out to be one of the most exciting parts of their routines, adding the chance to see new parts of the world to their busy schedules. Nevertheless, travelling can also be pretty stressful and tiring, given the amount of long procedures before an international trip, not to mention the amount of unforeseen events that may arrive.

That said, it’s a very good decision to prepare an excellent welcoming environment for your guest ‒ Imagine yourself in their skin: After long hours of flight, you arrive in the wonderful metropolis of Rio de Janeiro for a series of business meetings and events, the sunlight caresses your skin as you walk out of the airport, but before enjoying such a blue sky, there is a priority here ‒ arriving on time at your appointments.

Plenty of options are right before your eyes: public transportation, rent-a-car enterprises and taxis. Any transportation service is able to deliver anyone to their destination, but we recommend a top-level personalized transportation service for you and your guests!

Now you may ask “but what are the advantages of hiring a Luxury transportation service?”

We promise you that there are plenty of them!

Keep reading and let’s consider the pros of a service like Mundi Limos.

A Luxury Transfer is a lot more than a transport service with a fancy price tag and top-make cars, rather it is a service carefully planned to suit your needs and the ones of your guests. For example, if a flight arrives during the night, you don’t have to be worried about the availability of transfers and busses, a well-maintained car is guaranteed from the moment of reservation, which also eliminates possible trouble to get transport if a flight lands later than planned.

Another important aspect to consider is time. Our time is our most valuable asset, as important in our personal life as in business; therefore, let’s avoid wasting it. Our team counts on experienced chauffeurs, with great local road and traffic knowledge, they are able to conduct a trip efficiently through the safest roads of the city, avoiding even potential accidents.

What if a customer arrives during rush-hour?

Based on experience, we don’t recommend arriving during very busy times, but as a luxury car service, we not only plan ahead to arrive before pick-up time at the scheduled place, but in case of busy arrival time, we can also provide you with a vehicle that ideally matches this need.

With plenty of space not only for valuables and suitcases, but also with enough amenities, water and snacks, making it easy to turn the ride into a safe and comfortable meeting room. This done, traffic time turns into useful time. Besides that, if passengers prefer to rest instead of anticipating serious subjects, the inside of our cars are similar to airport lounges in terms of comfort and elegance.

As you can notice, our luxury service is about turning even the most hectic and stressful trips into smooth and relaxed moments. Remember to make the right choice the next time you need to make an excellent first impression with a business partner.

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