Chauffeur service: Everything you need to know


chauffeur service

Chauffeurs are highly trained drivers, hired only to drive VIP clients in luxury cars. A chauffeur service requires a number of protocols and responsibilities which the chauffeur has to follow in order to receive elite clients.

In automobile history

The term chauffeur was created with the automobile invention. “Chauffeur”, which means “stoker” in French, is the one who powers the boat engine or the steam locomotive. Likewise, the first motor vehicles needed a feeder to run the engine.

The chauffeur’s job was to prepare the car for the owner. The wealthier men ended up hiring people to drive for them, in addition to taking care of the car’s maintenance and cleaning.

Hiring a chauffeur service was also the guarantee that someone would change a flat tire if needed. That is why white gloves and impeccable uniforms are part of chauffeurs’ outfits, meaning that he is a person capable of removing his gloves and getting his hands dirty to fix the car if necessary, but without losing his elegance.

Chauffeur service and profession

At first, the chauffeur profession was restricted to private employees from wealthy families. However, the profession has become valued and required in companies aimed at the high-end public.

The first cars manufactured were expensive and bought only by wealthy people, who hired drivers to take them instead of driving their own cars. So having a private driver has become a status symbol and chauffeur service has become popular among VIP people.

Differences between driver and chauffeur

Like application drivers, the average driver has the sole function of transporting people to the right destination and at the right time – which not always happens.

Similarly, the chauffeur is a driver but is trained and responsible for taking the passenger with comfort and elegance to lead them to their destination and transmit safety and reliability.

The driver dresses casually. The chauffeur wears an impeccable uniform, hat or cap, gloves, and polished shoes.


When hired as a domestic or company employee in general, the chauffeur undergoes training to know how to behave, drive responsibly, and solve problems along the way. They have to learn about defensive driving, onboard safety, and how to act in emergencies.

They must also know the etiquette and basic protocols of how to behave with the customer when driving, in addition to having basic notions of mechanical emergencies, such as a flat tire and how to act in road accidents.

Some companies and private bosses usually add bodyguards to the service.

Respect and trust

Above all, the chauffeur must be a pleasant person to deal with the public and demonstrate to be someone in whom you can trust the direction to take you everywhere.

They must know their work, how to deal with different routes and unforeseen circumstances, and be always available to take customers wherever they want.

Chauffeurs must be discreet and not ask anything about the client’s personal life. They don’t talk to the passenger unless spoken to.

However, if, on the other hand, the customer has any questions or concerns, the chauffeur will show respect, act in a friendly manner and be prompt.

Knowledge and improvisation

The chauffeur must be prepared to perform his duties and also be willing to acquire new knowledge. Learning new languages for potential foreign customers, discovering new routes to follow on the GPS, and better understanding the car mechanics are some options for personal upgrade.

It is good that the chauffeur is attuned to the new technologies around his work. There is always a new type of GPS, with quickly updated routes.

Communicating to the client if there will be a difficult route, even if he insists on following it is your job to warn him.

The business limousine chauffeur

There are many companies that hire luxury car services and chauffeured limousines in a chauffeur service. When entering the company, the professional limo driver must present all the required documentation and appropriate driving license. The company will evaluate you and, if approved, will enter you into specific training.

The chauffeur takes on numerous responsibilities when driving for the company he represents.

He will drive rich and famous people, with a range of personal demands. The company usually gives the chauffeur a list of customers’ likes and dislikes, to guide them on what should or should not be done.

However, the chauffeur must not express an opinion or show any concerns regarding passengers in the back seat. Just be aware of the passengers’ safety and warn them about the seat belt, if necessary.

Mundi Limos chauffeurs

The company has highly qualified professionals who receive all training types to better drive limousines and luxury cars.

Mundi Limos chauffeurs are bilingual professionals, trained and willing to take long trips, challenging roads and follow suitable and safe routes.

Our company trains them to make decisions in unforeseen chaos, such as traffic and weather problems or mechanical situations.

Customer safety comes first, and the chauffeur is also able to handle the elderly, children and wheelchair users with care, in addition to the willingness to carry luggage and shopping.

The drivers’ history and documents are checked. He also undergoes a medical check-up to assess his health status. All assistance for well-being and disposition is given to the chauffeur so that he feels like part of the Mundi Limos family.

Our chauffeurs are our most precious assets because they are the ones who lead the image of our company with their quality in the direction and responsibility to our customers.

Whatever your destination is, count on our chauffeurs to guide you safely and on time to all the places you need!

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