Business travel returns

business travel

Business travel is returning. Professionals who use flights for business meetings are much more optimistic about returning to corporate travel. Globally, about 75% expect to travel the same or more than they traveled before the pandemic, according to an international Traveler Sentiment Survey.

75% of professionals expect to travel the same way or more than they traveled before the pandemic.

66% of tourists plan to move within their country in the next six months.

66% rated price as the deciding factor in buying a flight.

70% agree to share health data for airlines and public authorities.

The survey, which heard 5,300 people in nine countries (Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom and United States) in July, shows that the Chinese, North Americans and Australians are willing to travel more on business. They plan to travel due to an increase in business activities.

According to the survey, there will be a “catch up” in business travel and bookings will increase significantly in the short term. However, in the medium to long term, according to the study, business travel may decline or stabilize at a lower level than the pre-pandemic, due to changes in the ways of working and in company policies.

Leisure travel – 66% plan to travel in the next six months

The study also mapped people’s behavior in relation to leisure travel. Three-quarters of respondents expect to travel more in the future compared to their total travel before the pandemic. In this sense, 66% plan to travel within their country in the next six months.

In terms of spending, nearly a third expect their budgets to be tighter. Therefore, this portion plans to spend less on flights and travel amenities. Those with a larger budget available, plan to spend more on long trips, dinners and other experiences available at the destination.

Business X Leisure

A business trip is not like traveling for sightseeing! Keeping your trip purpose in mind helps you stay focused and productive.

Of course, there may be some free hours where you can go out and relax, but it is important to remember that you are not traveling to see new places or rest, this should be done outside of working hours.
There are a few things that can be done to lighten your business trip and help you enjoy a little bit of the city you are in.

As the main objective is to work, use lunch or dinner time to take a walk and taste the local cuisine, for example.
Even if the focus of your trip is to close working partnerships, nothing prevents you from getting to know your destination, even if quickly.

This can even serve as an incentive for you to come back calmer and enjoy better what the city has to offer.

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