Billionaires’ mindset

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Being a millionaire means much more than being rich. The mindset is what separates the middle class from the millionaire class. The way you follow through on your ideas matters just as much. In other words, being a millionaire doesn’t only mean thinking like one, but acting like one. It means they enjoy things like cars, wine, art, and jewelry, which usually makes them feel like traveling and visiting expositions, shows to seek for desired items.

In a world where everything changes at the snap of fingers, it’s paramount to be wise to spend time and money on things that may have some added value. Furthermore, a millionaire mindset is keen on overcoming fear with knowledge, calculating risk versus the power of the reward. Therefore, here you’ll find some of the hobbies and habits of billionaires.


Winemaking and tasting

Winemaking or vinification is the production of wine, which is another expensive hobby of the wealthy.  The taste for wine is part of the fancy lifestyle of some of the world’s richest people. Billionaires are usually committed to wine for reasons that transcend the fact of being an expensive hobby. Being acquainted with wine tasting is an important skill for anyone who is used to going to luxury dinners at good restaurants. Pairing wine with food is one of the best food experiences that one could likely have. Many of the billionaires love discovering luxurious places like Napa Valley and its several wineries and the Spring Mountain views and savor the world’s first-class wine.


Mountain Climbing

Going mountain climbing in remote places in the world is an outstanding experience. Exploring mountains makes anyone who decides to accept such an unstoppable feeling. They feel like being able to assess and accept the risks of failing. Anyone can go hiking to get a bit of exercise, appreciating the views and the adrenaline.  However, as you make up your mind to set out on a mountain climb journey, you have to bear in mind you need to be prepared and open to spending good amounts of money if really want to reach the summits you targeted.

Hiking up is one of the most exciting and demanding hobbies. Prices vary, but it can cost a single climber $11,000 in license fees alone to reach the top of Mount Everest. And even a low-budget expedition can cost $25,000 in total, according to


Luxury yachts

Some of the world’s wealthiest individuals own the most outlandish yachts and normally spend days busy aboard their floating homes from Pacific to Atlantic. Once they decide to go for a huge sailing journey they are aware of how demanding such past time is.  These fancy toys are quite popular among billionaires who are usually successful business executives with lots of cash to invest in that.  One of the biggest boat show takes place in Miami every year.


Collecting Vintage Cars

A great sort of millionaires like to keep their collections of rare and vintage cars. . There are plenty of wealthy consumers, who opt to drive mainstream brands. Luxury cars fit well into the stereotype lifestyle of rich and famous business people.  Posh cars are items that catch the fancy of many deep-pocket successful executives. Who has never stopped to admire the beauty of an exotic luxury vintage vehicle on the road?

Among the billionaires, boys, and their toys there are names like Bill Gates, one of the world’s richest men, and his loved Porsche 959 Coupe, commonly called “Gates 959”. As well as Vijay Mallya, chairman of United Breweries or the UB group, is often termed the ‘King of Good Times. His car collection gives a clear picture of his lavish lifestyle. Unlike his other contemporaries from the business world, he owns many classic vintage cars apart from modern beasts.

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