Traveling to Tampa? Visit cities in Florida.

Are you traveling to Tampa to watch the Super Bowl 2021? Take the chance to enjoy the cities nearby. Miami and Orlando are on the top list!

A car trip between Tampa and Miami usually lasts around 4 hours. The distance between the two is 280 miles and can be a beautiful itinerary to follow, in which there are all kinds of fun and beautiful sites on the way. Orlando is also close and a great place to visit.

Discover the cities and attractions you can visit from Tampa Bay. Keep reading!

The sophisticated Palm Beach

Despite being very famous on TV shows, Palm Beach is not really a big city. It is a village in Palm Beach County, 74,5 miles from Miami, and is on an island.

It was created especially to please the wealthy of Florida, who established their beach houses there. Famous people live there, like President Donald Trump himself.

The landscape is delightful for taking car rides and enjoying the most beautiful beaches. Take the day out for a nice picnic or kayak trip. There are also numerous luxury brand stores, and you can find great deals at outlets.

Visit Fort Lauderdale when traveling to Tampa Bay

Considered the American Venice, Fort Lauderdale river channels communicate the entire city.

You can get to know the beaches, watch the millionaire houses on the slopes or go to Riverwalk, the city center.

Boat trips can be made from a simple water taxi to a Jungle Queen, a large boat that offers dinner on board.

Boca Raton

Housing some of the best beaches in Miami, Boca Raton is a great retreat for the American elite during the winter, as the city is bustling and has everything.

Boca Raton offers the best golf courses in the region and attracts millionaires searching for classic fun. It is also a great place to shop, as there are many brand stores in well-stocked malls.

Cocoa Beach

For those who like to catch waves and play sports, it is a popular beach for surfers. The infrastructure is great, with bathrooms available, bars, and restaurants along the beach.

It is a good place to play beach volley or sit on the pier just to watch the sea. There is also a paid area for fishing and options with souvenir shops to buy.

Traveling to Tampa? Visit Disney in Orlando

The biggest tourist attraction in the entire region is undoubtedly the Disney conglomerate, with its many attractive hubs inside.

It is worth spending at least a few days there and getting to know the various roller coasters, themed toys such as the Pirates of the Caribbean ship, the Haunted House, or even staying up until midnight and watching the beautiful parade with fireworks over the Cinderella’s castle.

Vero Beach

It is the ideal beach for those who want to take a walk to enjoy nature.

Vero Beach is an ecological resort, calmer, without as many skyscrapers as Miami Beach, and offers many eco-tourism options, with several ecological reserves for bird watching in wildlife.

Extend your Super Bowl 2021 trip to go to SeaWorld

It is a conglomerate of theme parks that shelter all marine life types and attractions, featuring large animals, such as whales and dolphins.

Animals such as orca whales are trained to interact with the public and are exposed to the public in large tanks and aquariums, with the right to bathe in the stands when the animals make big jumps and acrobatics.

Universal is another great option if you are traveling to Tampa

With 3 theme parks, Universal Orlando Resort explores entertainment through different types of attractions.

The three poles embrace different audiences: Universal Studios shows the recording studios of films and series; Islands of Adventure houses several themed roller coasters, and Volcano Bay is a water park!

Kennedy Cable Center

It is not a theme park, but it is a great place worth visiting in Orlando.

The Kennedy Cable Center is a museum linked to NASA and offers the public everything related to space travel. In addition to 3D cinemas, you can watch a rocket launch simulation and feel yourself inside a space shuttle. These are some of the attractions you will see there.

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