Art Deco Weekend: A Celebration of Art and Culture

Get ready for a TBT moment! There will be nothing like it when Art Deco Weekend gets in town. One of the 20th century’s most recognizable design eras is Art Deco. You can experience art deco the way it was meant to be during Art Deco Weekend, with colorful displays, live music, walking tours, a Classic car show, lectures, and more. Discover what else is in store at this thrilling event by reading on!

All about the Art Deco Weekend

The Art Deco Weekend is a celebration of Art Deco! It happens annually in Miami Beach. It will happen on a 3-day celebration of the design movement of art, architecture, history, and culture in Miami. From January 13th to 15th, visitors and residents of the city can participate in several different events. Check out the full schedule here:

It’s a celebration of everything related to Art Deco. The weekend, which yearly happens in Miami Beach. It offers a huge selection of activities and events for everyone to enjoy. Everything started 46 years ago with the Miami Design Preservation League (MDPL) to showcase South Beach’s beautiful Art Deco buildings, saving them for future generations. MDPL’s early work was the catalyst that created the vibrant, world-class city we know today.

The best tours in Miami through Art Deco

We highly recommend visitors consider staying in the South Beach area, which is full of much more than Art Deco Buildings. Its nightlife with great restaurants, beautiful parks, and an endless range of things to do is unmissable. Unfortunately, there’s no subway like in Miami. The Metro mover only works downtown /Brickell areas.  A good option is booking a luxury limousine with a private chauffeur to take you anywhere around town for your tours.

In fact, a good idea for enjoying a South Beach Art Deco tour can cover the full day of activities and an evening out.  So, think about starting your day by having the traditional American Breakfast in one of the cafés right on Ocean Drive.  Once you’re done for the day your chauffeur can drive you around through the Art Deco Buildings. That will be an amazing lifetime experience, from vintage car shows and fashion shows, there’s something for everyone at the Art Deco Weekend.

Plan your weekend asap

For those interested in enjoying a bit of art and much more there are various excursions. These attractions will take you to see some of the most renowned examples of Art Deco architecture. Come and explore Art Deco Week on the famous Ocean Drive and Lummus Park!  An ideal program for the whole family with shows, theater, good food, and lots of art.

Once in Miami Beach, one cannot help but be impressed by the many Art Deco buildings. This unique architectural style arose in the 1920s and 1930s, and can still be seen in abundance today. Many hotels, restaurants, and other businesses use these buildings. So, it is easy to enjoy their beauty while spending time in Miami Beach.

Therefore, if you are interested in learning more about Art Deco architecture, there are several tours available that will take you around to see some of the most notable examples. Or, simply spend some time walking around on your own and admiring these beautiful structures.

Getting around Art Deco Weekend luxuriously

For those who want to really spoil themselves, Mundi Limos has a number of chauffeured car services that will whisk you around town in style.  No matter how you choose to get around, enjoy all the fantastic sights and sounds that Miami offers during this special weekend.

Thus, whether you’re a fan of the Roaring 20s or just looking for a unique weekend experience, be sure to check out the Art Deco Weekend in Miami Beach!

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