2022 Winter Olympic Games


The 2022 Winter Olympic Games has finally arrived. In fact, it’s just a few weeks before its end.  The great Winter Olympic Games are happening in Beijing from February 4 to 20. The city will be the first city to host both the summer and winter games. The Olympic committee has been struggling to keep everything on track for the competitions. Whether you’re a sports freak, we have written this article to tell you all about the latest news and the playoffs likewise.


Winter Games amid the pandemic

The holders of the event have been working hard to hold the Beijing 2022 in a closed-loop system. It’s been accessible only for the participants. That’s been quite difficult for the organization team to keep control of all the details amid the rapid spread of the Omicron variant. Every participant needed to be fully immunized to go into the closed look without quarantining. Although, all of the participants who hadn’t had their shots yet, had to quarantine for 21 days upon their arrival in Beijing.

In addition, along with the competition, the participants had to go through strict health monitoring and testing, avoiding any kind of contact with the public. The organization team assured that the loop has been very effective to keep everybody safe all along with the event.


The Olympic Beijing Cluster

The Beijing Olympic zone is located in the center of the city of Beijing.  This cluster is primarily staging the ice sports of the Winter Olympics. Beijing is the official host city of the games. Although the games are taking place across three different areas: Beijing, Yanqing, which is a mountainous district 75 kilometers (about 46.6 miles) northwest of Beijing. Zhangjiakou is a skiing and snowboarding destination a further 100 kilometers (about 62.1 miles) beyond Yanqing.

The competitions are taking place in several different locations.  The iconic Beijing National Stadium, also known as “The Bird’s Nest” is the site of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the games. Although no sporting competitions have been taking place at such venue.


Weather conditions

The weather in Beijing is usually very cold and dry along February. The average temperature in Beijing in February varies between 41 degrees F and 21.9 degrees. Consequently, there is a need of using water to make snow in the Yanqing Zone (where Alpine skiing and sliding sports take place). Environmentalists have questioned the amount of water needed for the snow. The organizers downplayed it, though, saying it’s 1.6% of the total water used in the water, so that, it isn’t a problem.

 The forecast for the next few days shows that it will be easy to plan your days. Thus, whether you’re around you will have a chance of going out and sightseeing around. The temperature tends to range between 44º F and 39º F degrees.


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